Laqua Spa & Terrace Suites

The Sorrento peninsula, one of the most celebrated destinations on earth. Views over the bluest of sapphire seas, sun to inspire daydreams, the enchanting fragrance of citrus, the finest of produce from sun-kissed land.

Sorrento, since time immemorial the haven of poets, painters and lovers of beauty as a philosophy of life, is less than 50 minutes from Naples airport.

At Meta di Sorrento, just 4 km from the town centre, your home from home offers six comfortably spacious suites designed to induce the deep sleep of regeneration, a brand hew harmony and balance, the essence of a wellbeing that will be the starting point for a journey of the senses through the elements, dimensions and vibrations that will ensure all who undertake it a greater sense of beauty and joy.   

Feel the benefit of natural, enveloping materials, attractively soft colours, open spaces, tempting aromas, light to refresh the eyes and sounds to relax the mind, the purifying influence of Feng Shui.

A stay at Laqua Spa & Terrace Suites is not a mere experience or emotion, it is a mix of natural elements that are both of an essential and spiritual nature, to bring a sense of  total transformation and harmony.

Sauna, sea water pool, a journey through wellness, loving care for body and soul, more than just physical therapy or beauty treatments, initiation into a new feeling of transformation.

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