Medical laser & therapy

It sure is possible to slim and have young skin,thanks to laser surgery and Dott. Dario Bazzano’s therapy. Therapy among the most advanced worldwide can be found in the Borgomanero clinic where renowned Italian surgeons operate and use State of the Art lasers and techniques developed and perfected by Dott. Dario Bazzano.

Aims: removal of excess fat and skin tightening in treated areas by means of the patented system Bioliponemesi, the evolution of laser liposuction.

“Safety and speed not only of treatment but also of post-operative recovery.”

The advantages over normal liposuction: fewer risks, bruising reduced to a minimum, less recovery time. The first results are visible after 15 days, the definitive result after 3 months.

Other cosmetic surgery operations carried out at the Clinic: botulin blefaroplasty (eyes), mastoplasty (breasts), capillary treatments, vascular malformations; treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks, fillers, cellulite treatments.

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