Menu & Tasting

Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s menu is like a mirror reflecting the thoughts and feelings of the chef expressed in the various dishes listed there.                                  

They are presented in order: appetizers, first courses, meat main courses, fish ones and then desserts.

A visit to Antonino’s 2 Michelin star award winning restaurant can  mean creating one’s own personal journey through flavors and choosing the dishes according to taste.

Our  maître Paolo accompanies diners in their choice of dishes which will be the finest expression of Cannavacciuolo’s thought, matching it to each person’s preferences.

Antonino Cannavaciuolo’s menu changes three or four times a year. The proposals it contains vary according to the chef’s inspiration and fancy who then modifies dishes following the seasonal nature of ingredients.

Hors d’oeuvres

2003   A dive into the deep (raw and cooked Mediterranean fishes)- reviewed in 2015 € 60,00 2013 Raw scampi from Sicily “Pizzaiola”,...

Pasta dishes

2005  Linguine from Gragnano with baby squid, rye bread sauce                                        € 36,00 2007 Homemade salt cod...

Fish and meat dishes

Fish dishes2015 Smoked mackerel, seaweeds, extract chicken wings   € 45,002015Turbot, batavian endive salad, venus clams    €...


2015 Water-melon and coconut€ 20,002014 “Egg”…false€ 25,00   2015 The Chocolate…€ 30,002015 Fruit & vegetable€...

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