Tibetan Bells

Massage with sounds and vibrations produced by Tibetan bells: the sound of wellbeing  

Relais & Chateaux Villa Crespi is pleased to introduce its latest experience for the ultimate in wellbeing and relaxation: Tibetan Bells

Tibetan Bells produce sounds that are in deepest harmony with the vibrations of the celestial spheres, conveying these vibrations both to the “player” and the listener. This phenomenon is technically known as “phase coincidence” when two waves tend to join and  vibrate in unison. Thank to this phenomenon, when you ring a Tibetan bell, strong vibrations are created that spread along the arm (if the bell is held on the palm of the hand) or along the point where the bell rests (for example, if the bell is placed on the chakra points), deeply massaging it. 

The result is the creation of phase coincidence between the bell and the person who is in contact with it, producing a state of mind of deep inner and outer calm until one reaches the theta and delta waves of the states of deepest meditation. The human body is an ensemble of vibrations and waves and if the organs are healthy, they vibrate as the correct frequency, while if not, they have a disturbed frequency.

Tibetan bells’ subtle sound produce a positive effect on the whole cellular metabolism. The first perceptible result is to be found in sleep quality  which becomes fully regenerating

When we add some water to the bell and it is rung following its rimwith a leather-covered  wooden clapper we notice that the charming sound of the bell is accompanied by wavelets on the surface of the water

Tibetan bells can be used in an open space or, if used as a specific therapy, they can be placed on parts of the body and then rung.

Sound vibrations permeate the body and, thanks to the loosening of all physical and emotional knots, the body is brought to a state of complete balance and a deep state of relaxation.

A great deal of  scientific research  has been carried out and has shown how sound massage can cause many positive effects both on the body and the mind as well as on the surrounding environment

The bells are made from an alloy of seven metals, which correspond to the seven planets of the solar system. There is an important link between the seven energy centers, the chakras, and the seven planets of the solar system created by the vibrations produced by the seven metals which a Tibetan bell is made of. 

Gold: Sun

Silver: moon

 Mercury : quicksilver

Copper: venus

Iron: mars       

Tin: Jupiter

Lead: Saturn