Emotional Yoga

Emotional Yoga at Relais et Châteaux Villa Crespi

On a hill above lake Orta, Villa Crespi, a Moorish palace, proposes Yoga classes to its guests, ideal for all  who wish to enjoy the benefits

Yoga is a powerful tool allowing control every level of the person, whether physical, psychic or mental. It helps produce full possession of the body,  keeping  it healthy and teaching control of feelings and destructive thoughts

The Yoga positions give energy and flexibility. Breathing techniques increase vitality while meditation develops and increases inner strength and peace

Here, as follows, the different classes:

HATHA YOGA: (moon) and tha (sun), which correspond to the opposing forces, the positive and the negative, which in man show themselves as mental energy flowing in ida nadi and physical strength in pingala nadi. Regular practice of Hatha yoga allows recovery of  balance of the body and mind, increasing the body’s energy, detoxing tissues, relaxing the nervous system, fine-tuning glandular functions.

Duration: 60 minutes

- Stretching and body relaxation (back, legs and neck)

- Hatha Yoga: it includes purification techniques and physical posture. It enhances the energy of the organism, relaxes the nervous system, tones the muscles and glandular functions, and enhances balance. The Sun Greeting is among the Asana proposed.

Sun Greeting: this position tones all the abdominal organs, improving digestion. It strengthens  all the muscles , makes the spinal column more elastic, improves breathing. It has to be done during the morning because it prepares both body and mind to face the day. It stimulates the Chakras.

- Complete Yoga breathing: Pranyama techniques will lead to balance of body and mind and help combat anxiety and stress

- Final relaxation: this phase represents an effective tonic against stress, it promotes physical, mental and emotional health. Choose between Shavasana or Tibetan Bell

- Herbal teas and infusions


RATNA YOGA: related to the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether. Every Asana has a predominant element and each element corresponds to a precise part of the human body.  “Earth” corresponds, for example, with the legs and feet, “water” the inner organs, “fire” the solar plexus, “air” the lungs and heart. “Ether” corresponds to the head and includes exercises for deep meditation.

Duration: 60 minutes

- Stretching and body relaxation (back, legs and neck)

- Ratna Yoga: the softest kind of yoga, related to the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each postion is inspired by a specific element

- Self massage with essential oils

- Final relaxation: our guests may choose between Shavasana or deep relaxation with Tibetan bell

- Herbal teas and infusions



The word Prana comes from the Sancrit and it means both breath and life; it is universal energy and flows through all living things. Ayama means expansion, tension or containment. Therefore Pranayama is the expansion and control of breath, but also of life itself. Yoga breathing re-balances all the emotions, clears the brain and rejuvenates the body. Yoga breathing techniques help reach balance and inner harmony.

Duration: 60 minutes

- Pranayama techniques (deep breathing to combat anxiety and stress)

-Self- massage with essential oils

-Deep final relaxation with TIbetan bell

- Herbal teas and infusions


The five Tibetan rites, defines by some as the exercises of eternal youth, are movements that can invigorate the body and re-activate vital energy, as long as they are practiced regularly, as purification rites are. Constant practice over time is of the utmost importance, as is slow movement. The principal function of Tibetan Rites is to re-balance and normalize the chakra’s vital energy. There can be a positive effect on specific disorders. The Five Rites  benefit the metabolism, insomnia, hormonal imbalance. It is important for the seven chakras to rotate rapidly in the body to allow vital energy to flow upwards through the endocrinal system. When one of these slows down, the flow of vital energy is blocked, causing aging or a bad state of health. Therefore the quickest way to regain health is to ensure normal rotation of the chakras is achieved through the constant practice of the Five Tibetan Rites. 

Duration: 60 minutes

- Stretching and body relaxation (back, legs and neck)

- Tibetan Rites: also known as the “Font of Eternal Youth”. By regularly practicing a series of energy exercises which are amazingly simple but effective, the speed of the energy vortexes or chakras is increased. These are the main distributors of Prana energy in the body and mind.

- Self-massage with essential oils

- Deep relaxation with Tibetan bell, whose vibrations gently massage the body and the seven chakras

- Herbal teas and infusions


All these suggestions can be personalized according to needs and requirements of our guests.

Each class is carried out in semi-darkness, barefooted and with perfuse candles.

We advise comfortable dress, a tracksuit or something similar. Background music is Tibetan and New Age.

After beginning with loosening and warm-up exercises (legs, back and muscles) some Asana sequences are used followed by Pranayama yoga breathing and self-massage. This is done with precious essential oils.

 The class ends with Shavasana or final relaxation allowing rapid recovery of one’s energy and with sound massage using the Tibetan bell, followed by herbal teas and infusions.