The Cellar

Villa Crespi's wine cellars are in the underground area of the villa, at one time a place of prayer.
According to popular legend a secret tunnel led to the Island of San Giulio and then to the medieval Towe called the Buccione connecting them with the villa. 

In our cellars, one for red wines and one dedicated to white wines, sparkling wines and champagne, wines lie at ideal temperatures and in  correct conditions of humidity and the wine list includes the finest of national and international oenology, a thousand labels divided by region and wine producing areas. 

The wine list is constantly evolving and aims to satisfy all guests' requirements and curiosity. Our wines are from Italy and further afield, not only from France, but from countries all over the world.

The wine list in our website and the one in our restaurant may differ at times. Wines, vintage and price may not always coincide as we are constantly acquiring new items and changes to the website may  be added a little later.

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Our hotel and restaurant will be closed from January 2nd till March 30th 2017.

Our reservation office is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.