A credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. A pre-approved charge of €150 per person will be made 6 days prior to your restaurant booking and it will be released 7 days after automatically.. This amount will be charged on the day of your booking. Please note: if your reservation has been made less than 6 days before your restaurant booking, your card will be processed immediately.

Change booking: please contact +39 0322 911902 and send an email to the following address

Cancellations made within cancellation policy limits: click on Cancellation at the bottom of the booking confirmation email.

Cancellations made less than 2 days before booking date: it is possible to cancel your booking only by sending an email to

For gift voucher holders, in case of cancellation less than 2 days from the booking date, the voucher is cancelled.

So as to guarantee our best service, for bookings with more than 5 guests, we ask that you choose between one of our three tasting menus.


€150 per person surcharge will be applied when:

You do not “show up” for your reservation

You cancel less than 2 days before your reservation

You do not inform us of any changes to the number in your party (cannot be done with less than 2 days before your booking date)

Please let us know if you may be delayed, as soon as possible, by contacting our reservations office at +39 0322 911902.

We will hold your reservation for 15 minutes. In any case, anything after 2:00 pm for lunch and 9:45 pm for dinner will not be accepted.

In complete understanding and respect of the needs of all our guests as well as guaranteeing an enjoyable and reserved experience at our restaurant, we are pleased to welcome children over the age of 6. Please contact our reservations office for any additional information.

We do not have a required dress code, we ask that you refrain from t-shirts, shorts and open-toed shoes.

If you have a Gift Card, be sure to include your voucher number in the “notes” area on the booking form.

If you should fail to do so, your Gift Card will not be considered valid for this booking.

Please indicate in the “notes” area on the booking form any special requests, such as cakes, flowers, decorations and anything else. You will be later contacted for full details.

4-legged small friends are welcome. If they will be joining you, please let us know in the “note” field when making your reservation.

January – opening dates from October 1st
February – opening dates from November 1st
March – opening dates from December 1st
April – opening dates from January 1st
May – opening dates from February 1st
June – opening dates from March 1st
July – opening dates from April 1st
August – opening dates from May 1st
September – opening dates from June 1st
October – opening dates from July 1st
November – opening dates from August 1st
December – opening dates from September 1st

Our restaurant is located inside the Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi, for more information regarding availability and rates, please visit the dedicated area on our website at

For those staying in the hotel with children under the age of 6, a baby-sitting service is available. It is our deepest desire to offer them a peaceful experience.


opening days

lunch: from Wednesday to Sunday
dinner: from Wednesday to Sunday
Monday and Tuesday: closed all-day

for informations

call +39 0322 911902
from 10am to 7pm