Like you, the impact our professional services may have on the environment is important to us.

This is the reason why we offer our guests an ambiance aimed at protecting the environment. Rooms and common areas are exclusively cleaned with steam. Vacuums used to remove dust and to filter the air, with the natural energy of water are able to reduce allergic symptoms. All mattresses and pillows are covered with soft, certified dust mite covers.

Another system used regularly by our staff, in all rooms and suites, is to sanitize the air in order to clean the environment and make sure it suitable for those who suffer from dust mite-related respiratory allergies.

Care for the environment is also carried over into the kitchen. The restaurant uses high quality organic goods and “zero kilometer” local products. Drinking water is filtered through a purification system giving fresh produce a more natural flavor. A corner of the Villa’s secular garden has been dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic herbs used in Chef Cannavacciuolo’s kitchen.

As part of their deep commitment to the environment, Villa Crespi pays a great deal of attention to its energy consumption. In fact, it has launched an energy efficiency program that allows them to monitor and manage their consumption, to avoid waste and to ensure effective use of this precious resource.

In the parking lot, there are two charging stations for electric cars reserved for guests to use during their stay.

The path taken started with the upgrading of the internal lighting system with LED technology and the effectiveness of the boilers and thermo regulators; the system is monitored externally by an Energy Service Company, which identifies any anomalies or inconsistent uses and intervenes when necessary to regulate consumption.

To fully enjoy the nature surrounding Lake Orta, we can organize walks and itineraries. Our guests can also rent bicycles for an adventurous excursion where they may discover the enchanting charm of the Lake.