In the Valsesia, there are numerous companies specialized in cashmere and luxury fabrics. Guiding these realities is a single common denominator; a passion for products of excellence.

Backed by a century of experience in artisan craftsmanship, these companies have become world famous brands, pride of Italian handicraft.

An area renowned for these goods which characterize the luxury of “Made in Italy”, cashmere isn’t only important as a final product, it is also a way of life.

This area is also scattered with small businesses of young entrepreneurs who raise Asian goats and turn their wool into soft yarn.

The animals aren’t seen only as a means, but rather as precious gifts. An opportunity to experience the work of those who have dedicated their love and passion is to participate in the Festa della Pettinatura or “Combing” Festival organized annually in Cavaglia Sterna.

You’ll get the chance to comb, feed and pet the animals, in a joyous atmosphere full of conviviality.


An area perfect for those who love “Made in Italy” and luxurious yarns, for those who want to shop and discover the care and attention paid to the production of the beloved softness only cashmere can offer.

Coming back from a bit of shopping, what could be better than relaxing in our lounge with a delicious afternoon tea while sitting in the peaceful garden of Villa Crespi on Lake Orta? Or better yet, a Ayurvedic massage in our Chandra Deva wellness suite?