Ayurveda: the ancient Indian science for the well-being of man in his uniqueness.
5,000 years ago in India, the great wisemen began to divulge this science dedicated to the well-being of man in his totality – the mind and body in their entirety.

Each being is moved physically and mentally by the five elements which characterize his or her structure and mind. Knowledge, according to Ayurveda, wants to keep the person balanced so the elements must always be kept balanced, meaning the person will remain healthy.

This well-being is achieved with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, the use of pure plant extracts, proper sleep, physical activity, massage and yoga.
Our treatments represent an essential key of Ayurvedic philosophy; care and attention dedicated to bring your body and spirit in total balance.


Like the dance between the sun and the moon, nothing would exist of this magic if one of the two failed. Thus true well-being. Nothing would be if one’s mind and body weren’t nourished by the same energy. Chandra Deva at Villa Crespi, the energy of Shakti*, the female Goddess, so subtle; Surya Deva at Laqua Charme & Boutique in Meta di Sorrento, the Sun God, the energy of Shiva, physical strength and masculine energy.

In our “homes” we’ve enclosed the completeness of that which is a unique well-being experience we’ve reserved especially for you during your stay.

The name of our Wellness Suite evokes India, the land from which our wonderful treatments come from.

Chandra like the moon because in our wellness suite, all you’ve got to do is to close your eyes and with your finger, touch the light of the moon as it seeps through the window.

Deva, like the goddess, the one that exists in each of our guests.

These two characteristics evoke the choice of name we’ve given to represent the thought and philosophy of well-being at Villa Crespi.

* Shakti, in Ayurveda, the creative, feminine energy
* Vaydia, our Ayurveda teacher and expert

Ayurvedic treatments expertly designed for the psycho-physical rebalancing of each guest.

Ayurveda contains the millenary knowledge of the body and mind, the ancient wisdom our Ayurvedic therapists share with our guests as they recommend the most suitable treatment for each and every need. A line of Ayurvedic products have been especially formulated for us by our Vaydia* following the ancient rules of Ayurvedic and herbal preparations.

Herbs, flowers, roots, powders, spices collected and blended according to lunar phases in all respects of nature; completely natural Ayurvedic oils, creams and preparations, free of preservatives and chemical additives, because what we feed on is energy, like life, and so our skin and is our fabric.