In this unique and inimitable context, The Villa Crespi Wellness Suite represents an oasis, a privileged escape from the daily routine. An environment where you can breathe well-being and relax, savoring the sound of silence, where you can find your balance in a peaceful and refined place.
A journey in search of yourself, where sensory and holistic treatments accompany the guest to live an experience of absolute and full regeneration. Natural products with a delicate texture transmit in our body a renewed physical and mental energy. The Villa Crespi Wellness Suite evokes the spirituality that reigns on the evocative island of San Giulio, ‘the island of silence’, a place of peace and meditation.

Wellness Suite Villa Crespi


300.00 / 30 minutes
Have you ever thought of a wellness treatment using the energy of light for a 100% natural lifting effect?

With the new technology Made in Italy Phisis 4.0 – Human Led, you can regenerate your facial skin in a safe and effective way. This treatment also reduces signs of aging on your face, neck and décolleté (including wrinkles, scars and imperfections) for a younger and more youthful appearance.

Physis 4.0 emits luminous frequencies that rebalance your cellular homeostasis, while energizing the tissues for an extraordinary effect on your skin’s tone and texture.

With just one 30-minute session (15 min. cleansing and lifting serum and 15 min. Ledway treatment), your lymphatic flow stabilizes and your neck and face benefit from proper drainage.

Consequently, your complexion will be smoother and your skin more elastic thanks to the restoration of collagen and elastin. A bit of indulgence you just can’t do without.


550.00 / 60 minutes

Revitalize your entire body with this unique treatment that works both on the body’s physical and emotional sides.

Thanks to the innovative technology of LEDway, it’s possible to carry out full-body detoxification by rebalancing diuresis, intestinal peristalsis, and menstrual cycle. But that’s not all; in a single session, you can also ease spinal cord pressure, reduce joint and muscle tension as well as improve posture. It also works on lymphatic flow, which means reducing edema, inflammation, and joint stiffness.


100.00 / 30 minutes
Our special massage is dedicated exclusively to de-stress your head and face: light pressure and precise movements aimed at giving you an unforgettable experience of relaxation and reconnection.


110.00 / 30 minutes
A genuinely cleansing and, at the same time, relaxing ritual designed to exfoliate your back and exalt your beauty.
An exclusive treatment using a scrub rich in vitamin E will get rid of any impurities your skin may have. Next comes a deep, soothing massage with Dolomitic Water essential oils.


100.00 / 30 minutes
This relaxing and refreshing treatment will help eliminate any feelings of fatigue and swelling in your feet and legs. They will be expertly massaged and exfoliated.
Your legs and feet will be wrapped in a draining and refreshing emulsion. While they rest, relax even further as your head is gently massaged, getting rid of all of the tension and stress accumulated throughout the day.

(deep tissue massage)

150.00 / 50 minutes
This deep tissue massage, characteristic for its profound and firm movements, is designed to reduce muscle stiffness and/or tension — an extraordinary experience of well-being for your whole body or a specific area.


140.00 / 50 minutes

Taking care of yourself with aromatherapy means rediscovering the benefits that plant essences have been providing for thousands of years for a person’s physical and mental well-being.

The scents alone make us feel good. With a relaxing massage using essential oils, our olfactory system positively influences our emotions, memories, and sensations. The oils, in fact, with their intense fragrances, act on people’s hormonal system, organ functions, immune system, mood, stress, love life, communication, memory and learning, thoughts, and creativity.

Treat yourself to a bit of pampering. Enjoy the fragrances and sensations for your complete and restorative well-being!


140.00 / 50 minutes
Complete unisex treatment for everyday skin cleansing and care, suitable for oily and blemished skin. Thanks to the deep cleansing with enzymatic peeling and tea tree peel off purifying mask, toxins will be eliminated as will excess oils, while keeping your skin moisturized, smooth and radiant.


120.00 / 50 minutes
Vitalizing treatment for those with dull, lifeless skin. Start with a light exfoliation and continue with a vitamin E liposomal mask for the natural renewal of the epidermis, while revitalizing your skin and leaving it radiant, toned and refreshed.


120.00 / 50 minutes
Suitable treatment for dry skin. Thanks to the plant stem cells contained in the mask and in the Edelweiss meristematic serum, your skin’s pH is guaranteed to be restored, toxin drainage is triggered, deep hydration is facilitated and you’ll be left with a pleasant sensation of freshness. Your skin will be renewed and your face radiant.

CELL PREMIUM – Soirée effect

150.00 / 60 minutes
Intensive targeted anti-aging treatment for skin regeneration with an immediate lifting effect. Thanks to the unique and effective Gaba serum and the phytocelltec moisturizing biocellulose mask, your skin will be deeply nourished and signs of aging will be visibly reduced, leaving it radiant and toned.


110.00 / 50 minutes
Designed just for him, it provides a deep cleansing with enzymatic peeling. The application of a liposomal mask with vitamin E assists the revitalization of the skin. Enveloping pressures applied to the face and neck for a deep relaxation, relieve stress and relax the face.


120.00 / 50 minutes
Treatment suitable for dynamic and sport people who need to recharge as well as for more sedentary people, it restores the vital energy optimizing the body’s response to stress. It reactivates the blood microcirculation, dissolving the muscular contractures while restoring the elasticity of the tissues.


120.00 / 50 minutes
A relaxing and stress relieving treatment, like a harmonic dance. Get back in touch with your body and achieve perfect physical and mental balance as you keep your thoughts and accumulated stress at bay. Relieve tension with hot essential oil infusions and enjoy an immediate sensation of pure well-being.


130.00 / 60 minutes
Massage with products based on arnica, devil’s claw and Vitamin E, favouring the recovery after sports activity. It prevents muscle soreness, promoting drainage of toxins, improving blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.

LYMPHTONIC with salt

130.00  60 minutes
Leg therapy for tired legs or for those with localized fat deposits. Thanks to the detox dren salt wrap as well as the lymphatic drainage and reshaping techniques, your legs will feel lighter as the accumulated fluid, including psychosomatic retention, is eliminated. Your body will be sculpted and your skin smooth and toned.


130.00 / 60 minutes
Exfoliating treatment with an apricot seed and vitamin E scrub. Light abrasive action with its moisturizing and purifying effect will restore your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Finish with a moisturizing smooth-touch body oil made from sweet almonds, jojoba, macadamia and vitamin E.


100.00 / 30 minutes
Connective massage, with arnica-based products, focused on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Ideal to reduce muscle tension and stiff shoulders. The touch is slow and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on the areas of tension.


130.00 / 60 minutes
Everyone has different sensations and needs. This massage adapts to such personal specific requirements thanks to the application of different techniques as required case by case.


160.00 / 60 minutes
An exclusive holistic sensorial experience designed to naturally stimulate your nervous system. The treatment is done entirely on your back. All 5 senses are involved. Your mind and body will enter a deep state of serenity, well-being and peace. Lie on a special herbal and hay mattress, close your eyes and let yourself be enveloped in intoxicating scents and relaxing music. Our expert therapist will massage your body with unique and specific techniques, in order to restore balance to your flow of energy and reduce  physical stress by working on the meridians connected to your sleep/wake cycles. The treatment is particularly suitable for fighting stress, insomnia, jet leg, tension and anxiety. You’ll feel light and energized with a pleasant and intense feeling of well-being.

SOUND OF SILENCE full body deep relax

160.00 / 75 minutes
The purpose of this treatment is to rebalance the mind and body, supporting the harmonious flow of energy by massaging the head and the whole body. This ritual provides in addition to the massage, the application of a facial mask.


140.00 / 60 minutes

Within the walls of our Villa, it is easy to dream and let yourself be carried away to distant and mysterious places. Alongside our services inspired by the pure waters running through the Dolomites, we would like to give you the possibility of enjoying a unique experience rooted in faraway India.  A moment of reconnection and total well-being evoking imagines of enchanted places where water is the symbol of rebirth and renewal for the body and soul. Abyangam therapy is a traditional Ayurvedic massage, meant to restore harmony among all constitutional types. The treatment provides wonderful sensations of well-being and peace, acting on the whole body. Balance is brought back to your body’s emotional and spiritual health, and you are relieved of anxiety and stress. Gentle strokes and caresses, together with deeper stretching and movements, offer incredible benefits to your muscular and articular system. You’ll be left with a restored sense of equilibrium and belonging to the universe.


30.00 / 60 minutes

Manicure with long-lasting ProNails polish
55.00 / 60 minutes


45.00 / 60 minutes

Pedicure with long-lasting ProNails polish
60.00 / 60 minutes


55.00 / 80 minutes
Apricot scrub exfoliant, manicure (with or without nail polish), deep moisturizing mask and heated glove therapy for your hands. Finish with a conclusive massage with a Shea Butter and Vitamin E cream with its softening, nourishing and regenerating effect on your skin’s barrier; 100% guarantee your skin will be moisturized, smooth and refreshed.


65.00 / 90 minutes
Relaxing, soothing and moisturizing foot treatment. Exfoliant pedicure (with or without nail polish), deep moisturizing mask and heated foot wrap. Finish with a conclusive massage with a Shea Butter and Vitamin E cream with its softening, nourishing and regenerating effect on your skin’s barrier; 100% guarantee your skin will be moisturized, smooth and refreshed.

Opening time: Monday – Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm

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