Cinzia Cannavacciuolo tell her love story

I’m Cinzia Primatesta, Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s wife and business partner.

I still remember the day I was sitting in a car parked outside of Villa Crespi. It was in the middle of the nineties, and I was with my father and one of his friends. I remember him recommending my father a young Neapolitan chef for some months’ work in our hotel. Obviously, the young Chef was Antonino, but little did I know that that conversation would change my life forever. 

23 years later, I still remember the moment Antonino entered the family hotel to await his interview. He was sitting in the hall.. this is incredible, really! I mean, through the years, you see many people walking in and out to attend their interviews. But his interview…somehow I felt there was something special about this one. I felt a bond with him.

I think it’s a significant factor that I was struck by his charisma since the very first day. So far, Antonino’s charisma remains his distinctive mark. We started working long hours together.  So, our relationship slowly evolved and became a true love story.

Menu d'inverno

Discover our new winter menu

Menu d'inverno

Discover the perfumes and flavors of winter, the centerpiece of our new winter menu, designed by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

With the arrival of winter, Antonino, together with his brigade, will bring out the flavors of the season with his new creations which will celebrate the simple and marvelous ingredients found traditionally in Southern and Northern Italy.

Among the new winter menu are some key ingredients coming from the Chef’s homeland, Campania, combined with the excellence of classic Piedmontese tradition.

Indulge in the winter menu: local snails, white turnips, Piedmont’s « salsa verde » (traditional parsley sauce) and breaded amberjack fish, turnip greens and « bagna càuda » (delicious anchovy and garlic sauce) as an appetizer. The first courses give way to Carnaroli rice, local butter, sage and smoked herring and you just have to try one of the second courses like the lobster and caviar with chicken broth or the suckling pork with chestnuts, celery and chervil root. Finish off with a little something sweet, chestnuts, persimmons and Christmas Panettone.

Inside the Michelin two-star restaurant, choose something from the à la carte menu or enjoy the carefully designed experience for a gourmet lunch or dinner set in the uniquely magical surroundings of Villa Crespi.

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