The temptation of a stolen kiss from Nietzsche to Salomé on Orta Lake

There’s something about Orta Lake, it’s in the air … you feel things that are just not there at home, or in the office.

Orta San Giulio is special, it has a sense of peace, the tranquillity of soul, that’s it! It’s a place for the soul!

Over a thousand years of history are still alive in the stones of the pretty little, medieval village.Memories of its people over the centurie float through the air. There are so many of them, as many as the reflections of the sun on the mirror-like surface of the lake. Memories of life and death, battles, glory, defeats and victories, hate and … love. Here shades of the past gather, stories that hold their charm to this day for those who travel, those who seek out the most beautiful corners of this world, hidden gems to show off and tell their stories.

Do you remember the name Nietzsche, you know, the philosopher? He visited Orta with friends, one of whom was Salomé, sultry, exotic and seductive … They went for a stroll and in a brief moment of that warm, sunny afternoon, Nietzsche’s life changed for ever. Spellbound by the beauty and charm of Salomé the enchantress, he was unable to resist the temptation of a passionate kiss, stolen under the ancient pines in the park overlooking the lake and the jewel-like Island of  San Giulio. He completely lost his head for for this young beauty 17 years younger than he. Indeed she inspired his finest work, Also Spach Zarathustra. But, they knew no happiness together.

Orta is still the chosen destination of lovers who, unlike Lou and her philosopher, stroll hand in hand through the narrow streets and along the lakeside paths, every now and again snatching a kiss with the promise of passion to come. Who doesn’t have some memory of a stolen kiss, perhaps on a warm summer evening with a caressing summer breeze…

If you find temptation hard to resist, then Orta and its own special magic are just for you…


“ I owe you the most beautiful dream ever ” Friedrich Nietzsche