Villa Crespi - miglior ristorante italiano

People Consider Villa Crespi As the Best Italian Restaurant In the World

Villa Crespi looks like a dream in people’s minds. Sometimes, the every-day reality is better than dreams. Today, Villa Crespi has certainly lived one of those days. Why? Because Trip Advisor named Villa Crespi the third-best restaurant in the world. 

Villa Crespi is also the third-best restaurant in the world and the second-best in Europe. 

For the first time in its history, Villa Crespi’s success is international. And so are the dreams of those who look after it every day: from Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo to maître Massimo Raugi; from General Manager Stefania Siani to sous-chefs Simone Corbo and Gabriele Tatzi; from the kitchen to the office staff. 

Trip Advisor: The Truth First 

Villa Crespi’s Family achieved an important goal together. TripAdvisor represents the most democratic voice of high cuisine. 

On TA, users may express extremely different opinions: there, you“Get the Truth, Then Go.” 

In this case, the reality is that Villa Crespi is world excellence.

“TRB Hutong,” in Beijing, and “Epicure,” in Paris, are the only ones before Antonino Cannavacciuolo on the list. 

Twenty years of Success to become the third-best restaurant in the world. 

In the same year of the Twentieth anniversary of Villa Crespi, Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo have succeeded in another objective.

After hearing the news, they stated: 

 « Such a result makes us proud and satisfied. 

If we compare this year to the previous years, we notice that our presence abroad has grown stronger.

We thank every person who chose to be one of our guests, and that reviewed us positively. 

We will spend this wonderful moment with our collaborators. Without them, we would not achieve these important goals.” 

No choice but to wait for the future success of Cannavacciuolo and Primatesta’s family; given how the last years were, we are sure they will not disappoint us.