Un espace bien-être dans l’atmosphère raffinée de Villa Crespi, et le cadre enchanteur du Lac d’Orta.
L’accueil, le bien-être et l’histoire sont entourés par charme tranquille de ce lieu magique.

Dans ce conteste unique et inimitable, Villa Crespi Wellness Suite représente une oasis, une fuite privilégiée de la routine quotidienne.
Un lieu pour respirer le bien-être et vous détendre en savourant la présence du silence, et où vous pourrez retrouver votre équilibre dans un cadre tranquille et recherché.

Un parcours à la recherche de soi, où les traitements sensoriels et holistiques accompagnent l’hôte dans une expérience de régénération absolue, où les produits naturels à la texture légère et délicate transmettent et redonnent au corps une nouvelle énergie physique et mentale.
Villa Crespi Wellness Suite évoque la spiritualité qui se respire sur l’île de San Giulio, l’île du silence, lieu de paix et de recueillement.

wellness suite


140,00 / 50 minutes
Thanks to a deep cleansing with an enzymatic peeling and the application of a purifying tea tree peel off mask, the treatment assists the natural renewal of the epidermis supporting the cellular turn-over. Promotes hydration and detoxifies the skin making it compact and radiant.


110,00 / 50 minutes
Indicated for dull and tired skin, it facilitates the natural renewal of the epidermis supporting cell turnover; the liposomal vitamin E mask assists revitalization, making the skin luminous, firmer and invigorated.


110,00 / 50 minutes
It assists the deep hydration of the skin detaching the epidermis and activating the drainage of toxins. The pant stem cells of the edelweiss meristematic mask and serum ensure the restoration of the PH of the skin giving the face a renewed brightness.

CELL PREMIUM – Soirée effect

150,00 / 60 minutes
Intensive treatment for skin regeneration with application of serum with immediate lifting effect. The moisturizing biocellulose mask based on Phytocelltec visibly reduces the signs of aging and supports effective skin hydration and nutrition.


110,00 / 50 minutes
Designed just for him, it provides a deep cleansing with enzymatic peeling. The application of a liposomal mask with vitamin E assists the revitalization of the skin. Enveloping pressures applied to the face and neck for a deep relaxation, relieve stress and relax the face.


120,00 / 50 minutes
Treatment suitable for dynamic and sport people who need to recharge as well as for more sedentary people, it restores the vital energy optimizing the body’s response to stress. It reactivates the blood microcirculation, dissolving the muscular contractures while restoring the elasticity of the tissues.


110,00 / 50 minutes
Body treatment, which supports the rebalancing and the rediscovery of your harmonic centre.
Relieves tensions and thanks to the use of infusions of warm essential oils promotes relaxation by transmitting a feeling of well-being.


120,00 / 60 minutes
Massage with products based on arnica, devil’s claw and Vitamin E, favouring the recovery after sports activity. It prevents muscle soreness, promoting drainage of toxins, improving blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.

LYMPHTONIC with salt

130,00  60 minutes
All the effectiveness of the leg and abdomen lymphatic massage preceded by a basic salts compress. Against the water retention, even the psychosomatic one, has a draining and smoothing effect. It remodels the silhouette and promotes bio- energetic harmonization.


130,00 / 60 minutes
Soft exfoliating apricot seeds scrub with a moisturizing and purifying effect. It restores the pH of the skin, restoring softness and elasticity. The treatment is completed by a moisturizing massage.


80,00 / 30 minutes
Connective massage, with arnica-based products, focused on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Ideal to reduce muscle tension and stiff shoulders. The touch is slow and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on the areas of tension.

DUO MASSAGE couple massage

250,00 / 60 minutes
An ideal treatment for those who want to live a pleasant couple experience. Relaxing or more intense, a moment of pure pleasure. Enveloping movements to rediscover the harmony of being a couple, sharing together a moment of total relax.


120,00 / 60 minutes
Everyone has different sensations and needs. This massage adapts to such personal specific requirements thanks to the application of different techniques as required case by case.

SOUND OF SILENCE full body deep relax

160,00 / 75 minutes
The purpose of this treatment is to rebalance the mind and body, supporting the harmonious flow of energy by massaging the head and the whole body. This ritual provides in addition to the massage, the application of a facial mask.


160,00 / 60 minutes
Exclusive holistic treatment that deeply involves the senses, inducing a state of profound calm, well-being and psychophysical tranquillity, stimulating the nervous system in a natural way. During the treatment, specific movements will act on the fundamental points on body meridians connected with the sleep/wake rhythm. Suitable for contrasting tension, insomnia, jet leg, stress and anxiety situations.



Manicure with nail polish

Manicure with gel color



Pedicure with nail polish

Pedicure with gel color


55,00 / 80 minutes
Exfoliation with apricot scrub, manicure (with or without nail polish) and final massage.


65,00 / 90 minutes
Emollient and moisturizing relaxation treatment for the feet, with exfoliation, pedicure (with or without polish) massage.

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